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Monitoring Cycles in Global Financial Markets

Put simply, financial markets are a reflection of supply and demand dynamics that produce events (e.g. a certain high or low in price) that can reoccur over time under certain conditions. In other words, cyclical events.

Studying the occurrence of cyclical events in financial markets is often an overlooked aspect of technical analysis, but this can provide valuable perspective for those research for potential turning points.

The Timing Arrays offer Socrates Platform users the ability to uniquely monitor cyclical activity of financial markets as they conduct their research.

Monitoring Cycles

The Timing Arrays compile dozens of computer models that independently and collectively monitor financial market behavior for cyclical activity.

The Socrates Platform assembles the Timing Arrays into a single graphical table with an "Aggregate" summary of the other models in the table. It is typically the focal point of research.

Each row in the Timing Array table is dedicated to one model in the collection, while each column represents a unit of time (a day, a week, a month, etc).

The combination of Timing Arrays and the Reversal System offer Socrates Platform users a unique perspective when researching time and price sensitivity for potential turning points in global financial markets.

Importance of Monitoring Cycles

Global financial markets are both dynamic and cyclical in nature, making them difficult to predict.  Each market has points of sensitivity and levels of volatility that drive short-term moves and long-term trends. When it comes to market cycles many misunderstand this to mean you can find behavior that will always repeat in a consistent manner - but this isn't necessarily the case. Cycles are characterized by alternating periods of expansion and contraction, and the frequency, length, phase, and amplitude can morph over time based on market conditions. 
Monitoring the cyclical behavior of financial markets can be an insightful component of comprehensive technical analysis. This can help broaden your perspective as you look to identify potential turning points in market price and form investment and trading strategies.
Historical Data Historical Data Historical Data

The Role of Historical Data in Cyclical Analysis

Studying financial market cycles requires a robust historical dataset and powerful models to systematically analyze the data. But no matter how sophisticated the models are, without ample historical data the insights derived from this computational analysis will be limited. Combining this rich data with powerful cyclical models of the Timing Arrays - along with the GMW and Reversal System - is what helps set the Socrates Platform apart from "other" research tools. Understanding the past is key to preparing for the future.

Timing-arrays Timing-arrays Timing-arrays

Timing Arrays: Dynamic Displays of Cyclical Activity

The Timing Arrays displays output from various complex models into a simple graphical table. Each column represents a future unit of time (a day, week, month, etc) while each row is reserved for an individual model. The top row - the Aggregate - is a sum of all models in the array.

This format allows users to quickly see which models are picking up cyclical activity in a future day, week, month, etc.

As more data is fed into the models they build up a historical record of activity in order to continuously learn and refine its understanding. This iterative process allows the Timing Arrays to become "smarter" as each future unit of time approaches.

Intelligent software Intelligent software Intelligent software

The Role of Intelligent Software

By leveraging intelligent software - such as the proprietary models behind the Timing Arrays - users are empowered to research global financial market activity from various angles without having to be statisticians or financial professionals. The Socrates Platform does the complex data crunching on the backend to produce unique indicators that users can then easily incorporate into their research however and whenever they see fit.

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