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The Socrates Platform is a unique software-as-a-service research tool with proprietary computer models analyzing economic and financial market data on a global scale.

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Knowledge is power. Those with inquisitive minds study history and analyze data before developing a point of view and making decisions. That's why the Socrates Platform was built from the ground up.

Despite advancements in technology, market research remains a challenge for many. So many sources of information limited by human biases, inconsistent methodologies, short-term thinking, and reactionary opinions.

The Socrates Platform was purpose-built to provide users with unbiased, computer-generated analysis and indicators of global financial markets.

The proprietary computer models powering the Socrates Platform have been developed over decades using principles of cyclical and technical analysis for large data sets to consider a historical point-of-view.

Machine learning algorithms look to identify patterns, trends, and recurring cycles across global stocks, bonds, exchange traded funds (ETFs), foreign exchange / currencies, commodities, and key economic data points, while specialized artificial intelligence using natural language processing produces thousands of computer-generated text files each day.

The Socrates Platform — a unique research tool for data-driven users who study global financial markets to find cycles, patterns and trends.


Each day after markets close around the world the Socrates Platform computer systems (not humans) are updated and analyze millions of data points to generate unique technical indicators and content for users to research in an easy-to-use interface.

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