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Uncover the Power of Proprietary Models to Find Financial Market Opportunity

Market Finder

Exclusive to Socrates Enterprise licensed users, Market Finder is a powerful way for Enterprise (Business) users to search across the entire list of Covered Markets uncover market activity that meets criteria of your choosing. This comprehensive search functionality identifies markets that align with key model outcomes,

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Customized Market Criteria 

Tailor your search parameters to match your specific investment objectives and preferences ensuring that you only explore markets that align with your strategy.

Comprehensive Database

Regardless of whether you have a license to a Covered Market, if a market meets your criteria you will see it in Market Finder results - leaving you to decide if you want to add this market to your license so you can dive deeper in your research.

Advanced Search 

Utilize advanced search filters to identify markets that meet your desired criteria, such as upcoming cycle peaks or recent Reversal Points.

Exclusive Access

Market Finder is available exclusively to Socrates Enterprise (Business) licensed users.

Market Finder offers a wealth of opportunities to explore and analyze financial markets with precision and clarity.

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Other features exclusive to the Enterprise License:

  1. Every licensed user receives a Summary Market Subscription to all Covered Markets!
  2. Full access to our comprehensive pattern recognition models (GMW), and Indicating Ranges
  3. Research Quarterly and Yearly Reversals and Timing Arrays for Licensed Markets!!

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