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A Window into Global Market Cycles, Patterns and Trends

The Socrates Platform is a unique software-as-a-service system used to research market activity on a global scale.

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Why the Socrates Platform

Knowledge is power, and knowledge is gained through research. Those with inquisitive minds seek to research multiple sources of information, analyze as much data as they can, and take account of history to develop their own hypothesis and reach their own conclusions.

Yet, despite advancements in technology and unprecedented amounts of available data, so many sources of information are limited in their scope or application. Subjective human biases, inconsistent methodologies, short-term thinking, and reactionary analysis make it hard for users to research or compare information with confidence.

It is our firm belief that economic confidence (or lack thereof) is what drives capital flows and can be born out in cyclical behavior. From a macro perspective, global market movement is an interweaving mix of new and recurring patterns, trends, and cyclical tendencies that may show themselves over time.

It’s all connected.

The Socrates Platform was purpose-built to provide users direct access to information generated by a unique set of proprietary computer models that have been developed over decades to process large volumes of data in search of these patterns, trends, and cyclical occurrences in global markets.

These computer models know no geographic borders. They have no bias. And they aren’t found anywhere else.

Each day after global markets close the Socrates Platform computer systems (not humans) process large data sets to generate thousands of pieces of information and indicators which are made available in a easy-to-use interface.

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