Enterprise License

The Enterprise License is the pinnacle of our offerings and is designed for power users, financial professionals, institutions, and teams requiring the highest level of access. 

Tailored for those who need everything the Socrates Platform has to offer, the annual Enterprise license supports multi-user accounts and provides comprehensive tools and insights not available on the standard version of the Socrates Platform. 

The Ultimate Market Research Toolkit

To get the most out of this license, users should be well-versed in technical analysis and familiar with our proprietary models. The Enterprise license includes access to:

  • Over 1,000 Covered Markets: Apply our premium tools to research and analyze over 1,000 financial instruments available to research on the Socrates Platform —- also known as Covered Markets.
  • Market Movers: Get daily updates on the most active Covered Markets. Benefit from expanded analytics including Reversal activities for predictive market movements.
  • Exclusive Market Finder Feature: Unique to the Enterprise license, the Market Finder allows users to query the entire Socrates Platform to identify Covered Markets that align with the research criteria you define.
  • Complete Global Market Watch and Indicating Ranges for all Covered Markets: Full access to our comprehensive pattern recognition models (GMW), and Indicating Ranges.
  • Summary Market Subscription to all Covered Markets: A big step up from our Pro Membership plan, Enterprise license users receive a Summary Market Subscription to all Covered Markets. Enterprise users also receive a license to each Covered Market in the Socrates' Economics Tracker
  • Access to Premium Tools for Licensed Markets: Includes the premium computer-generated text, the Reversal System, and Timing Arrays across all time levels. Access to quarterly and yearly time levels is exclusive to the Enterprise version.
  • Licensed Market Alerts: Set the notifications you want to receive based on critical market updates you identify for your licensed markets.
  • Global Capital Flows Heat Maps: Visualize the flow of capital around the world through a macro lens of global market activities. At a glance, users can identify hotspots of trading action across daily, weekly, or monthly time levels and determine where potential opportunities may exist to research further.
  • Multiple Customizable Watchlists: Effortlessly track your favorite Covered Markets with up to 5 customizable watchlists. 

Exclusive Access for Superior Insights

Elevate your market analysis with the Enterprise license, which is billed annually at a cost customized to the number of licensed users and markets.

Contact a representative today to customize your license and unlock the full potential of the Socrates Platform — for you and your team.


*All platform features, membership plan details, and Covered Markets are subject to change in accordance with our terms of service.