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Customizable Watchlist

Easily Track Your Markets

Create custom watchlists across different markets and view performance at a glance


Portfolio Style Format

The Socrates Platform Watchlist is a convenient way for users to define a custom list of markets they want to easily monitor, both collectively and individually, with a portfolio-style format.

The Watchlist’s convenient portfolio-style format provides a clear overview of market behavior before navigating to more detail for research.


You pick the list of Covered Markets to keep track of, whether you have a market subscription or not, and you can add or remove markets at any time.

Want to have more than one Watchlist? Step up to our Plus plan or higher!

Easy to Read

The Watchlist offers a birds-eye view of key data points and Global Market Watch patterns across Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly and Yearly time levels for each Covered Market.

This curated list allows you to quickly identify how markets are behaving and where you may want to research further.


The Watchlist is a perfect way to study Global Market Watch patterns across a broad group of markets with GMW colors helping draw your attention to what the model is observing.

Blue: indicates an impending sharp move may be forming

Yellow: indicates the potential formation of turning points in the market ahead.

Time-based Intervals

Quickly view key data points for each Covered Market in your Watchlist across Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly time levels.

See the Big Picture

Review Monthly, Quarterly, and Yearly Views.

Then get more granular by clicking into shorter time levels (Weekly, and Daily) to see where activity aligns.

Deep Dive

While the Watchlist offers a consolidated view, you can easily drill down into each Covered Market independently by clicking on the market name to show all of the data and information that's available to you.

View Your Data at a Glance

Whether you're a beginner investor or a seasoned financial analyst, the Customizable Watchlist is a valuable tool for starting your market activity research on the Socrates Platform.

On your watchlist page, you can view the markets you have added, filter by time frame, or individual market, or click to more deeply research the markets you are monitoring at that time.


See Your Top 10 Markets Upon Login

You can prioritize 10 markets from your Watchlist to display on the members homepage so you can quickly identify activity for the markets you are currently focused on in your research, investment strategies and objectives.

Use your Watchlist as a personalized dashboard, enabling you to monitor the performance of selected stocks, currencies, commodities, or indices. 

Analyze Data in Ways That Matter to You

By curating a list of preferred markets in the home dashboard, users can focus on data for the day’s Open, Highest point, Lowest point, Close, Socrates’ own GMW daily pattern and more.

Socrates Premium Analysis
View the summarized version of the analytics with Socrates’ computer-generated market analysis tool.

Analysis type is based on your membership level and the time frame selection.


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