Proprietary Models

The Socrates Platform is a unique software-as-a-service research tool for global financial markets. Powered by proprietary computer models with purpose-built machine learning algorithms, artificial intelligence and natural language processing, the Socrates Platform analyzes millions of data points each day to produce technical indicators and computer-generated text for users to research. These models have been developed over decades to identify possible patterns, trends, and cyclical occurrences in global economic data and financial markets using technical analysis and cyclical analysis methodologies. See below:

NOTE: The information found in the Socrates Platform, including output from the various proprietary computer models, are made generally available for a broad audience. It is not personalized, specialized or particularized for any individual. It is also important to keep in mind that the proprietary computer models found in the Socrates Platform employ technical analysis and cyclical analysis methodologies, so the more history a Covered Market has, the more data for the models to process.