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Premium Features of the Socrates Platform

Exclusively available to Pro Members and Enterprise users, the Socrates Platform Premium Market Tools offer our most comprehensive set of features for global financial market research.

In addition to unlocking the full Global Market Watch and Indicating Ranges across all Covered Markets for all available time levels, the premium market tools unlock access to the Reversal System and Timing Arrays for a powerful study of cyclical market time and technical pricing considerations.

Our simplified, intuitive interface makes it easy for you to navigate complex market data, saving time and effort while conducting research and analysis. 


Premium Market Tools

The Socrates Platform Premium Market Tools also include access to the most in-depth version of our exclusive computer-generated text, providing users with a complementary source of data-driven observations of market behavior directly from our proprietary computer models thanks to our natural language processing.

Our unique computer-generated text analysis is free from human bias, predisposition, and emotion. While it is not intended to replace your own market research, it can be a helpful tool for users looking to uncover certain technical price levels, patterns and/or trends in global financial markets.

Exclusive Access

Pro Members can access the full suite of available tools and features for their premium market subscriptions.

Enterprise users can access the full suite of available tools and features for their licensed markets.


Enhance Your Research

Using our computer-generated technical analysis, pattern recognition, indicators and cyclical timing considerations allows for a unique research experience of global financial markets.

You can focus on identifying market opportunity based on your criteria and analysis, including potential turning points, and possible entry and exit strategies that align with your goals.

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Grid View

Streamlining the Research Process with Access to our Premium Market Tools
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Your premium command center

The Socrates Platform Grid View is designed as a centralized starting point for analyzing premium market subscriptions (Pro Members) and licensed markets (Enterprise users).

This multi-market screen uses a grid-like format to simplify the process for users to quickly analyze key data points, technical analysis charts, and output from our proprietary computer models (Global Market Watch, Reversals, Timing Arrays, etc) with side-by-side comparisons.

Quick Reference to Monitor Key Markets

A holistic view of the financial landscape from daily fluctuations to long-term trends, including:

  1. GMW pattern recognition
  2. Price data
  3. Nearest Reversals
  4. Condensed Timing Array table
  5. Technical Chart screen option
  6. Link directly to full Premium Market Tools



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