Platform Features & Tools

Customizable Watchlist

The Socrates Platform Watchlist allows users to define their own custom list of Covered Markets to keep track of. The Watchlist is a convenient portfolio-style format to monitor market behavior before navigating to more detail for research. Users also define their top 10 markets from their Watchlist to display on the members homepage for quick reference upon log in.

Market Watchlist
Capital Flow Heat Map

Global Capital Flow Heat Map

The Socrates Platform capital flow heat map provides a high-level view of inflow vs outflow for major countries around the world. In addition, this data is fed into the Global Market Watch model to consider how the capital flow activity may change over time from a pattern-recognition perspective.

Over 1,000 Covered Markets

The Socrates Platform processes data on a collection of key financial instruments and economic data points from around the world, including top global stocks, stock indices, exchange-traded funds (ETF), commodities, bonds, currencies as well as major country GDP, CPI and other key indicators.

We call these instruments and economic data points “Covered Markets” and aim to provide a global view of financial market activity. The more history a Covered Market has, the more data-driven insights the proprietary computer models can provide.

Computer Model Data Output Resized

Computer-Generated Text

The Socrates Platform uses a purpose-built artificial intelligence engine with natural language processing to deliver computer-generated text for each Covered Market. This offers users insights into what the proprietary computer models are observing in market behavior, including technical price levels, pattern recognition, market trends, and in some cases cyclical timing considerations – free from human bias, predisposition or emotion.

This is the only computer-generated text specifically built to make direct use of the proprietary computer models found within the Socrates Platform.

Members-Only Blog

The Socrates Platform members-blog is used to provide periodic updates and educational content for members only.

Grid View (Multiple markets)

(Pro & Enterprise Users)

Grid View

A premium feature for Pro Members and Enterprise users to compose their own multi-market screen of market information in a grid format. Quickly navigate through different views of price data, technical indicators, Global Market Watch, near-term Reversal, and Timing Array data for multiple Covered Markets at once.

* requires Pro Member premium market subscription or Enterprise licensed market

(Pro & Enterprise Users)

Premium Market Tools

The most comprehensive set of research tools and information available to Pro Members and Enterprise users. Easily navigate to research the full list of Reversals and Timing Arrays across all available time levels. This also includes a more in-depth computer-generated text and customizable full screen charting where users can add unique studies from our proprietary models.

* requires Pro Member premium market subscription or Enterprise licensed market

Top Market Movers

(All Users)

Market Movers

Each day Socrates Platform users will see a list of top movers on a percentage basis – up or down – based on recent market close. Enterprise users will also be able to see which Covered Markets have closed nearest to a Reversal Point. Similar to the Watchlist Top 10 on the homepage, the Market Movers module is intended to be a quick reference for users as they start their research.

(Enterprise Users)

Market Finder

Exclusively for Socrates Platform Enterprise users, the Market Finder is a powerful way to define specific market criteria of their choosing and search the entire Covered Market database to see which are triggering key model results (such as upcoming Array cycle peaks, most recent elected Reversal Points, or specific color and comment combination from the Global Market Watch). This is an advanced search tool designed specifically for the Socrates Platform.

Market Finder