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Global Capital Flows Heat Map

A bird's eye view of capital movement around the world

The Socrates Platform Global Capital Flows Heat Map provides an overview of capital movement around the world, highlighting the ebb and flow of investments in key countries.

By visualizing capital inflows and outflows, investors gain perspective of how capital moves in and out of major areas of the world, which can offer a window into market opportunity and risk.

This easy-to-read map uses pattern recognition from our Global Market Watch model to help users anticipate how and where capital movements may take shape over time from a macro point-of-view.

The Global Capital Flows Heat Map is on the members homepage.

Capital Flow Heat Map Screenshot

Using the Global Capital Flows Heat Map

An easy-to-use, graphical display for every Socrates Platform user:

1. Adjust the time level to Daily, Weekly, or Monthly for the historical or anticipated flow of capital across the selected time frame. 

2. Select Zoom In (+) or Zoom Out (-) for a closer view, or drag the area of the map you wish to view.

3. See individual country details when hovering over countries 

4. Color-coding makes for quick and easy for users to understand the Heat Map 

A Global Perspective of Capital Movement

Researching financial markets with a global point of view provides a framework and understanding of the current and future economic environment. 
Holistic View of Global Financial Markets

Quickly identify regions around the world experiencing significant capital inflows or outflows

Identify Macro Risk and Growth Potential

Which regions around the world show emerging risk or growth potential based on capital movement

Target Areas to Research

Dive deeper into individual markets to better understand the underlying factors driving capital movements to anticipate future fluctuations.

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