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Plus Membership

The Plus Membership plan marks a key step up for those delving deeper into financial markets.

Tailored for mid to long-term investors who may be more active, or occasional traders, this plan offers an expanded toolkit to enhance your market research with more comprehensive market insights for informed decision-making.

Advanced Features to Elevate Your Market Research

With the Plus Membership plan, you not only have access to all the benefits of Basic Membership across all 1,000+ Covered Markets, but you also receive the following upgrades: 

More Information

  • Plus membership expands the Global Market Watch and Indicating Ranges by unlocking Weekly time level for all 1,000 plus Covered Markets, broadening the perspective of pattern recognition and market activity to research using these proprietary models — the Basic membership only offers monthly, quarterly and yearly GMW and Indicating Ranges.

More Value

  • Plus members receive 50 predefined Summary Market Subscriptions bundled with their membership at no additional cost — double what is included with the Basic Membership plan. Plus members also receive Detailed Market Subscriptions to each Covered Market in the Socrates' Economics Tracker.

  • The Plus Membership also includes 5 predefined Detailed Market Subscriptions bundled at no additional cost — Detailed Market Subscriptions provides a more in-depth version of our proprietary computer-generated text analysis and is not available to Basic members.

  • AND, Plus Members receive 1 User-Selected Detailed Market Subscription at no additional cost! In addition to the predefined list of Detailed Market Subscriptions included with your membership, each Plus Member can select one additional Covered Market for a Detailed Subscription to be added to their membership without charge.

More Flexibility

  • Plus members can create up to five different Customizable Watchlists for diversified tracking and analysis of your favorite Covered Markets — Basic members are limited to one Watchlist.

    As a Plus member, you can can expand your research beyond the bundles with the option to purchase additional computer-generated Summary or Detailed information...

  • Purchase Additional Market Subscriptions: Expand your research beyond your membership bundle by purchasing additional Summary or Detailed Market Subscriptions to any Covered Market — Detailed Market Subscriptions are not available to Basic members.

  • Purchase Snapshot Reports: When you don’t need a Market Subscription, you can purchase one-time access to the same information with a Summary or Detailed Snapshot Report — Detailed Snapshot Reports are not available to Basic members.

  • Set Market Subscription Alerts: Never miss a key moment when markets you are subscribed to trigger an activity or indicator you determine.

Gain an Advantage With Next-Level Market Insights

At $55 monthly and with a flexible cancellation policy, the Plus Membership provides an accessible path to elevate your investing research.

Sign up to enhance your market research and analysis today.

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*All platform features, membership plan details, and Covered Markets are subject to change in accordance with our terms of service.