Proprietary Models

Indicating Ranges

Technical and Cyclical Strength of Financial Markets

The Indicating Ranges are a collection of proprietary models generating point-in-time observations of technical and cyclical characteristics present at the close of a financial market.

The models output an easy-to-reference Bearish (negative), Neutral or Bullish (positive) status reading.

While the Daily Indicating Ranges update each market day after a close, the models do not update for Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly time levels until the current Week, Month, Quarter or Year closes.

For comparison, this is different from the Global Market Watch and Timing Arrays – both of which continuously update while a Week, Month, Quarter or Year progresses. This means the output is subject to change as more data is evaluated until that unit of time is closed.

As noted above, the one exception to the Indicating Ranges update frequency is the Daily time level – each day is a self-contained unit of time that has an open and close to it. As such, Daily Indicating Ranges will update after each active market day.

Also see the Energy Model and The Reversal System, along with price charts and various technical studies found within the Socrates Platform and available for research.

Indicating Ranges