Timing Arrays

Timing Arrays are a collection of proprietary computer models monitoring cyclical nature of markets over time. These models are combined into a single graphical table format in the Socrates Platform (each model has its own row in the table, and each unit of time is represented by a column in the table) to help identify when market cycles may be coming due and where users may want to conduct and cross-reference additional research.

The Timing Arrays (similar to the Global Market Watch) are designed to produce an up-to-date reading of each unit of time as it progresses. In other words, as a then-current Week, Month, Quarter, or Year progresses the models are processing end-of-day data on a regular basis to generate up-to-date output. What this really means is the makeup of the Array table does not remain static as a Week, Month, Quarter or Year progresses – it may change along the way as more data is being processed by the models – it is not considered a final assessment by the computer model until that Week, Month, Quarter or Year has officially closed out.


* requires active premium market subscription (Pro Members) or licensed market (licensed Business platform users)