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Applying Artificial Intelligence to Analyze the Financial Market

Redefining Investment Strategy with AI

The Socrates Platform utilizes natural language processing to deliver a computer-generated text readout of what the proprietary computer models are observing in market behavior.

Our AI-generated text helps uncover technical price levels and market activity, patterns, trends, and cycles.

Our innovative approach empowers investors with comprehensive computer-generated insights free from human bias, predisposition, and emotion.

This feature is not a substitute for users conducting their own research or spending the time to study and understand the output from the models on their own.

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The AI Advantage

Powered by advanced AI algorithms, our platform analyzes trends and patterns across the 1000+ markets in our database


Our system provides a holistic view of the financial landscape from daily fluctuations to long-term trends, that can serve as a quick summary for investors

Unveiling Market Trends and Indicators

Each day, our sophisticated AI models generate indicators and identify trends across multiple timeframes – daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly. 
While data availability may vary across markets, our platform adapts dynamically, ensuring you receive timely and relevant insights across all intervals.


Natural Language Processing

  • Our platform transforms raw data into summarized insights 
  • There are between 7,000 to 8,000 text files produced daily 
  • Our system delivers context-rich analyses 

Analysis Text

The Socrates Platform proprietary models and artificial intelligence engine generate three types of analysis text for each covered market

  • Summary 
  • Detailed 
  • Premium
Access to these will vary according to your membership type.


The Summary Analysis text example below provides top-level insights derived from the Socrates Platform Indicating Ranges across the Daily, Weekly, and Monthly time levels.


This Detailed Analysis Text example below offers key insights from the Socrates Platform Indicating Ranges.

Here, the Weekly and Monthly overviews provide high-level insights from the Socrates Platform Indicating Ranges and reference high-level technical analysis and specific Indicating Range information.

When applicable, the detailed analysis text includes information from the ECM and the nearest array cycles and reversals that are coming up.




The Summary Analysis text example below provides top-level insights derived from the Socrates Platform Indicating Ranges across the Daily, Weekly, and Monthly time levels.

The premium analysis thoroughly examines factors like time, price, and risk.

The text may touch on:

  • Notable recent highs and lows 
  • Prior trading range and possible events expected to occur
  • Compared to the Detailed Analysis Text, Premium Analysis Text pulls in full Reversal System information, including what‑if reversals, to provide additional perspective on market movements 
  • When applicable, this analysis also takes into account all the timing models, as well as risk and hedge considerations

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