Global Market Watch (GMW)

The Global Market Watch (GMW) is a proprietary pattern recognition computer model based on technical price movement in global markets. The model benchmarks this price movement for each covered market on the Socrates Platform independently against a historical record of patterns observed by the GMW.

While the GMW is fairly robust on the backend, the frontend output is formatted with a simplified color and comment design. These colors and comments are systematically generated to help translate the patterns or trends the model is picking up on.

The GMW is designed to produce an up-to-date reading of each unit of time as it progresses. In other words, as a then-current Week, Month, Quarter, or Year progresses the GMW model is processing end-of-day data on a regular basis to generate up-to-date output (color / comment). This means the GMW color / comment status of the then-current Week, Month, Quarter, or Year does not remain static and may change along the way as more data is being processed by the model – it is not considered a final assessment by the computer model until that Week, Month, Quarter or Year has officially closed out.

The objective of the Global Market Watch is to provide an easy reference tool in a birds-eye format (or high level cheat sheet if you will) so users can identify areas they may want to research further.